Georgia on my mind

Today Georgia is on my mind. Here are 10 things to love about the Peach State:

10. Georgia is one of the original 13 colonies and St. Marys is the second oldest city in the nation.

9.  Many musical icons hail from this state including Ray Charles, Gladys Knight, Brenda Lee, and Jerry Reed.

8. It is the setting for the most epic tale of the Civil War and one of the best movies ever, Gone With the Wind by native Georgian Margaret Mitchell.

7. It showed us that an humble peanut farmer like Jimmy Carter can be president.

6. The best peaches in the world come from there. So do Vidalia onions.

5. It is the birthplace of Coca Cola.

4. Berry College in Rome is known for being the largest college campus in the world, and the University of Georgia is the first university in the U.S. chartered and supported by state funds.

(As an aside, UGA’s football battle cry is “Hunker down!” which just cracks me up! The Dawgs could have said “Sic ’em” or any number of things, but they picked “Hunker down!” Just like a bunch of Southerners to dig in and wait for you to bring the fight to them before they open up a can of whoop…well you know.)

3. It has 6 flags, literally — the amusement part was named for the flags of England, Spain, Liberty, Georgia, Confederate States of America, and the United States.

2. Coca Cola was invented in Atlanta by Dr. John S. Pemberton.

And the Number One reason I love Georgia?

Husband was born there on this very day!

Happy birthday, Dear. I love you.