My Midlife “Crisis”

“It’s like that time when men usually buy fast cars — a midlife crisis!” That’s how Mama recently described my decision to dye my hair blue. Not all of it. Just the ends. And from blue, my hair went to a sort of mermaid aqua after I tried to strip the blue out to go … Continue reading My Midlife “Crisis”

On Bra Shopping

Bra shopping is demoralizing. Fortunately, it’s only half as demoralizing as bathing suit shopping. At least when you’re bra shopping you can keep your pants on. That’s what you call cold comfort. I recently found myself shopping for an over the shoulder boulder holder which means I recently found myself fairly demoralized. My old faithful … Continue reading On Bra Shopping

Not the Smart One

“My child just isn’t very smart!” So lamented an acquaintance of mine over coffee. “I mean, compared to my other children, this one just struggles. The others make straight A's with no effort but everything seems so hard for this one.” I couldn’t help but feel bad for this child because I’m “not smart” either. … Continue reading Not the Smart One

The Ground Rules

Tomorrow in Atlanta the New England Patriots will be playing the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl. That means a whole lot of folks from the not-South are descending on the South even as we speak. Now while I would posit that the love of football unites us all, there are certainly some things … Continue reading The Ground Rules

Turmeric ain’t vanilla and other thoughts on Brooklyn

I have been to Brooklyn. I got to travel up there for some training with my day job. Now I’ve been to New York many times, and I love every little bite of the Big Apple I get, but I’d never had the opportunity to venture across the bridge into Brooklyn. On this trip, though, … Continue reading Turmeric ain’t vanilla and other thoughts on Brooklyn