Eating Trash for Supper

Last night we ate the trash for supper. And we liked it! No, we haven’t resorted to dumpster diving for our dinner. Let me explain.  When the pandemic hit, I dove mouth first into the comfort foods — chips, casseroles, baked goods. For some reason I went down a potted meat hole lined with Vienna … Continue reading Eating Trash for Supper

Time Flies When You’re Not Having Fun

It’s Election Day, y’all.  By now you’ve decided how you plan to vote, and you may have already voted. There’s no point in me writing about the election today, or trying to change anybody’s mind one way or the other, or jumping all up on my soapbox to preach at you like a twenty-first century … Continue reading Time Flies When You’re Not Having Fun

The Uses of Adversity

The Uses of Adversity. That’s what Granny always said she’d call her autobiography when she wrote it. Unfortunately, she never did.  But that title sticks with me, and I think about it quite often.  The Uses of Adversity.  Seven and a half months ago when I wrote this post followed by this post about being … Continue reading The Uses of Adversity

Things Can’t Stay the Same Forever

It’s November 1st which means it’s time for #BlogLike Crazy. If you’re new around here, #BlogLikeCrazy is a challenge hosted every year by See Jane Write, a website and membership community for women who write and blog founded by Javacia Harris Bowser. During the month of November, bloggers are challenged to post 30 posts in … Continue reading Things Can’t Stay the Same Forever

I Love to Ride My Bicycle

Learning to ride a bicycle is a rite of passage. You move up from the safety of three wheels to the precarious-looking two. Maybe you have training wheels to start, but it’s not too long before you’re off and running … er, riding. And those two wheels are where you spend a huge part of … Continue reading I Love to Ride My Bicycle

A Tale of Two Gumbos

A gumbo with no roux — that’s crazy talk, right? Who ever heard of such a thing? A gumbo with no roux… I’m pretty set in my ways about a few things, and gumbo is one of them, as I have written before (you can read that post here). But if 2020 has taught us … Continue reading A Tale of Two Gumbos

Anticipation: The Key to Joie de Vivre

Hey friends! After a month-long pity party during which time I couldn’t think of a single thing to write that wasn’t (a) whiney or (b) bitchy or (c) hateful, your girl is back. I know y’all don’t want to read that crap, so I won’t write it! After all, this ain’t therapy and I ain’t … Continue reading Anticipation: The Key to Joie de Vivre