This is where the stories are.

People always ask me where I get my inspiration. How do I think all these things up? Where does it al come from?

The truth is that I don’t really know! I’ve always had a lot of voices in my head — voices that told me stories. Maybe it’s my ancestors whispering their memories in my ear. Maybe it’s a muse that delights in spinning a yarn like a spider’s web. Could be my inner warrior princess who fights Southern stereotypes by turning them on their heads. Maybe it’s magic, the Lord, or the gin. Who knows?

Whatever it is, it’s spurred me on to write hundreds of blog posts covering everything from Southern idioms to family traditions, from recipes to racism, from holidays to haircuts.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for reading. Hope you like ’em!

The Swamp and Old Mr. No Shoulders

I was in my early 20s when everything I knew to be true, sure, and certain in life was destroyed, and the vision of it haunted me for years.

The Great Resignation and What’s Next

Blogging has admittedly fallen by the wayside for the last few months, and I’m sorry for that, but there’s been a lot going on that has distracted me from putting finger to keyboard. So here’s a life update: I quit my job.

Divided We Fall

If we can’t come together as a nation to fight a pandemic, could we come together to fight an invading army? Or would our division be our downfall?


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Hey! I’m Audrey, a blogger, a freelance writer, and a writing coach. I believe everyone has a story to tell, and I’d love to help you tell it.

I’ve been published in The Washington Post, The Bitter Southerner Folklore Project, Reckon South, It’s a Southern Thing, and Mobile Bay Magazine.

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