Hey! I’m Audrey, and I am a published author with a more than 20 years of experience freelance writing.

If you’re an editor and would like me to write for your publication or media outlet, please email me at audrey@audreyatkinswriter.com.

My book is called They Call Me Orange Juice , and it was published in April 2019. Read the Blue Ink Review! It says, in part that

… by embracing the Southern clichés we expect, Atkins routinely turns them on their heads, offering us a more complete picture.

Publications I have written for include:

  • The Washington Post
  • The Bitter Southerner Folklore Project
  • Reckon South
  • It’s a Southern Thing / Red Clay Media / Alabama Media Group
  • Mobile Bay Magazine
  • Birmingham Magazine

Here are some samples of my work:

After two pandemic years, ‘Folly chasing Death’ takes on a new Mardi Gras meaning,” The Washington Post, Opinions

I turned to local growers during the pandemic. It took me back to my roots,The Washington Post, Opinions

What’s so funny about my Southern accent?” and “Will I ever wear shoes again? Dressing for work post-pandemic,” Reckon South

There are a few basic rules of Mardi Gras etiquette that everyone should know, y’all,” “Light the Yule log, y’all: Imagining a Southern winter solstice,” “This gas station meat-and-three serves up Southern cooking and hospitality,” and “The story of bean pie, a simple dish with a complicated past,” It’s a Southern Thing

Love and Collards“, “Talking with the Dead,” and more, Mobile Bay Magazine (monthly 2019-present)

Under the Table with Brother,” The Bitter Southerner Folklore Project

The Woods,” The Birmingham Arts Journal

Pet-friendly Travel,” “From Your Own Back Yard,” and The 5 Food Groups of Picky Eaters,” for Lipstick