Seasons greetings…at least according to me

May all the magic of the season be yours. Wishing you a world glittering with beauty, a season sparkling with wonder. I am reading these sentiments out loud to Husband as we stand in the long aisle of Christmas cards at Target. I am looking for the perfect card, just the right one to send … Continue reading Seasons greetings…at least according to me

There’s always room for one more

Brother balances the tinfoil-wrapped plates on his lap while I crank up Mama's big Mercury, even though I'm not quite old enough to drive. The smell of turkey, dressing, and sweet potatoes fills the car. Brother looks a little scared as I mash the pedal to the floor slinging a little driveway gravel as we … Continue reading There’s always room for one more

The Curse

Dear Readers, if you are squeamish or uncomfortable with a discussion of "lady time" and all things related, please rejoin me for my next post. If you're not, well, here we go... Boardroom. Ballroom. Boudoir. High heels. Nail polish. Fancy dresses. Shiny baubles. Sparkling eyes. Girl Power. Soul Sister. Bring home the bacon. Fry it … Continue reading The Curse

Saturday Down South

Sometimes you find yourself in a moment that seems cinematic, as if you've been somehow dropped into a movie. But you're not the ingenue. You're the observant extra on the bus stop bench. The one around whom all the activity swirls while you suck on a Big Gulp and try not to stand out. You … Continue reading Saturday Down South

Money. Politics. Religion.

Money. Politics. Religion. Granny said one should never discuss these three topics in polite company. The key word here? "Polite." That's why even though I am a writer, a blogger, I try to avoid these topics. Manners, y'all. Manners. But sometimes you have to wade into the muck. Sometimes you have to speak your piece. … Continue reading Money. Politics. Religion.

The magnolia tree and its gift

There is a cranny way back in the farthest corner of my brain. In that cranny lives a memory. Buried far beneath the births, deaths, tragedies, joys, holidays, and everydays that have piled on top of it, this little fragment has languished, long undisturbed. At least, that is, until the other day when KA-BLAP!!! Just like … Continue reading The magnolia tree and its gift

Today I witnessed history

Today I witnessed history. On this misty, gray morning, I stood outside the Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham and watched a bright rainbow flag wave as Alabama became the 37th state to allow same-sex marriages. I watched Jefferson County Probate judges uphold the law and defy bigotry, hate, and fear. I saw families embrace, relieved … Continue reading Today I witnessed history

They call me Orange Juice

Orange juice. Oh, how those 2 words haunted me. Orange juice. Orange juice. Orange juice. Sounds just like Audrey. At least according to Ronnie. Scrawny, freckled, buck-toothed Ronnie — my fourth grade nemesis. Once he made this brilliant connection, that's all he called me. Over and over again in his singsongy, squeaky voice. I hated the … Continue reading They call me Orange Juice