A Dozen Ways to Say “I Love You” — Southern Style

Wednesday is Valentine’s Day. It’s a time to profess your never ending love for your significant other. Or maybe you’re trying to woo that special someone. You might even be trying to crawl out of the dog house. Whatever the reason, love is in the air, and we’ve got to show it!

Are you searching for the perfect words to express your feelings of adoration, devotion, and affection? How should you properly verbalize the woo you seek to pitch? Well, today’s your lucky day! Here are a dozen ways to let your intended know that you’d like to keep company with them and only them, in true southern style of course.

I’ll love you from here to hereafter and five miles past that.

You are a rose among thorns.

I’ve fallen for you hook, line, and sinker.

I’ll love you from can to can’t!

A love like ours only comes along once in a blue moon.

You’re prettier than a speckled pup!

It may be a long shot with a limb in the way, but will you be my Valentine.

If you’d be my mine, I’d be happy as a pig in slop!

I’ve loved you since the git-go.

I’d be tickled pink if you’d be mine!

You’re so sweet I could sop you up with a biscuit!

And if, God forbid, you forget to honor your beloved on this special day…

I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but will you still be my Valentine?

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