Oh Well …

I missed a day.  You’re supposed to post every day in November for the #BlogLikeCrazy challenge, and I missed a day.  Oh well.  It is what it is. I could beat myself up over missing a day. I could throw in the towel and never write a blessed word ever again. Forget the last ten … Continue reading Oh Well …

The Tools in Our Tool Shed

Before I sat down to write today’s post, I asked Tragedy* what was a lesson he had learned this year.  In typical Tragedy fashion, he said, “I don’t learn lessons. I just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.” And his curmudgeonly response brings me to the fifteenth thing I’ve learned in 2020 … Continue reading The Tools in Our Tool Shed

I’m a Goal Drifter

I’ve never had many actual, concrete goals. I’m not a goal setter or a “goal digger” as my friend and See Jane Write founder Javacia would say. I’m more of a drifting drifter — whatever happens happens and whatever doesn’t happen doesn’t happen.  Goals were for people who were “driven” and “Type A” and said … Continue reading I’m a Goal Drifter

Living With Tragedy

The tenth lesson I’ve learned in 2020 is that I can live with Tragedy. And by “Tragedy” I mean my beloved husband. That’s what I call him because of his resting sad face as compared to my usual mule-eating-briars Comedy grin. Get it? Comedy and Tragedy. What many of you might not know is that … Continue reading Living With Tragedy

Make the Most of Your Free Time by Making

Yesterday I went to a painting class. It was an en plein air painting class held at Forstall Art Center in Birmingham and taught by local artist Amy Peterson. En plein air is an artsy way to say “outside,” so it was safe and easy to distance from the other students since Forstall held it … Continue reading Make the Most of Your Free Time by Making

Lipstick is Life

Lipstick is life.  At least it’s my key to having something resembling a normal life these days.  I’ve always loved lipstick. When I was a small, small child, and we lived with my grandparents, I remember seeing all of Granny’s lipsticks laid out in a row on her small dressing table by the window. They … Continue reading Lipstick is Life

Eating Trash for Supper

Last night we ate the trash for supper. And we liked it! No, we haven’t resorted to dumpster diving for our dinner. Let me explain.  When the pandemic hit, I dove mouth first into the comfort foods — chips, casseroles, baked goods. For some reason I went down a potted meat hole lined with Vienna … Continue reading Eating Trash for Supper

Things Can’t Stay the Same Forever

It’s November 1st which means it’s time for #BlogLike Crazy. If you’re new around here, #BlogLikeCrazy is a challenge hosted every year by See Jane Write, a website and membership community for women who write and blog founded by Javacia Harris Bowser. During the month of November, bloggers are challenged to post 30 posts in … Continue reading Things Can’t Stay the Same Forever