Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Think warm thoughts. Think cool thoughts. Lie down and put a pillow on your stomach. Growing up, if I complained about being cold or hot or not feeling well, Mama would usually reply with one of these phrases. I would try to think hard about something that fit the situation, maybe Granny’s fireplace or the…

The Nightlife Ain’t No Good Life

It’s been a helluva week. My car broke down, and I had to walk the rest of the way to work. I passed a murky pool by some rundown apartments and saw a sunken Tonka dump truck barely visible in the green water. By the time I got halfway to my office it was getting…

Safer at Home, Stronger at Home

Well folks, here we are seven weeks into what started out as social distancing, then became shelter in place, and is now safer at home.  Who thinks of the names? “Shelter in place” I get. It’s a common term you hear during tornado warnings and other act-of-God events. But “safer at home”? Sure. We are….

The ‘Mater Method and Me

Twenty-one days. That’s how long “they say” it takes to form a habit. I say that’s how long it takes to figure out how to accept something that’s out of your control.