We’re Speaking

This will be the shortest blog post ever in the history of Folkways Nowadays.

This year for #BlogLikeCrazy, I’m talking about 30 lessons I’ve learned in 2020. (Read the other entries here).

And on this auspicious Saturday in November, after days and days of counting and with Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes going today to Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, the 7th lesson I’ve learned in 2020 is that not only do women deserve a seat at every table, they can have a seat at that table. And that table is in the White House. 

Today, Kamala Harris becomes the first woman and the first woman of color to ever hold the office of Vice President. And while she’s the first, I hope and pray that she’s not the last. And I don’t think she will be.

Mr. Whoever-you-are, we’re speaking.

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