Blank & Blank: What’s in a name?

My folks were in town this past weekend, and we went for brunch on Saturday at a local joint called Roots & Revelry. It’s a really good restaurant in a bright, newly restored location in an old, historic building. The cocktails flowed along with the conversation, and a good time was had by all.

But it got me thinking about the Blank & Blank naming trend. That, and the one ironic word name. Is this sort of name supposed to elevate your business above a basic “Bob’s Diner”? Make it seem just a little bougie? Attract a certain set of people who are so supremely cool that they just get it?

Just off the top of my head, here in Birmingham, we have the aforementioned spot, Real & Rosemary, and Feast & Forest, all restaurants. Then there’s a wedding shop called Bustle, a shop at the botanical gardens called Leaf and Petal, and a baby store called Swaddle.

Then my little wheels really started turning. If I were to open a business here in the South and wanted to follow this pattern, what would I call it? Well…

If I had a restaurant that specialized in martinis and fried chicken, I’d call it Gin & Giblet.

If that restaurant served Korean food with a Southern twist, I’d call it Kimchi & Kudzu.

But say I had a Christian bookstore that also served soul food. I’d call it Christ & Collard.

And if that same bookstore/restaurant was in Louisiana, I’d call it Jesus & Jambalaya.

I might have a bait shop with an in-house vintner and call it Worm & Wine.

Or it could be a liquor store with a nursery. I’ll call it Swig & Twig.

My bra store will be called Boob.

My gynecology practice will be called Cootchie.

My model train shop will be called Trestle.

My little girls dress shop will be called Prissy.

My family law practice and sandwich shop will be called Alimony & Baloney.

My pest control service will be called Palmetto & Skeeter.

My vintage car restoration business where you can also by work clothes will be called Overhauls & Overalls.

My candy store and business incubator will be called Pralines & Daydreams.

My food truck that specializes in fried fruit pies and meat pies will be called Peach & Possum.

My beachside tiki bar that also serves barbecue will be Sand & Swine.

My hunting lodge featuring a Thai restaurant will be called Blue Tick & Pad Prik.

And my lingerie boutique that specializes in underwear for outdoor activities will be called Pine & Panty.

And at each of these businesses I may or may not have a dog by my side named Roscoe.

What would you name your Southern business? Let me know! I’d love to hear. And then we can get together and start an entrepreneurial co-working space called Inspired.

p.s . Don’t even think about stealing all this brilliance for your next business venture. I know you want to.

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