A Decade of Folkways Nowadays

Folkways Nowadays turns 10 YEARS OLD TODAY! Back on July 22, 2011 when I hit “publish” for the first time, I never dreamed that this blog would quite literally change my life in ways I never expected. Here are just a few: Because I started writing regularly, I was able to publish a dang book, … Continue reading A Decade of Folkways Nowadays

What not to say to a room full of Southerners…

NOTE: I wrote this post week before last, right when all of the coronavirus business was starting. When it appeared that things were getting serious, the radio station where I work went into disaster preparedness mode, and I was sent home to work. When you work for a news agency and the blankety-blank starts hitting … Continue reading What not to say to a room full of Southerners…

Yo Sonic has to go, phở sho!

She came through the door with what looked like a Big Gulp in the crook of her right arm and a greasy paper sack in her left hand. Along with her friend, she made her way in and found a table where she proceeded to plop down, placing the limp brown bag in front of … Continue reading Yo Sonic has to go, phở sho!

The Decade That Was

It just occurred to me the other day that not only are we nearing the end of the year, we’re at the end of a decade. I know I know … I’m a little slow on the uptake. Probably because it’s hard to believe that we’re fixing to put the teens behind us and head … Continue reading The Decade That Was