Cuba and the Redneck

(I haven’t been posting here as much as I’d like because I’ve been working on a few other projects. Maybe you’ve seen this piece I did for It’s a Southern Thing on bean pie and how I learned there’s more to it than meets the eye … or mouth, as the case may be. Or … Continue reading Cuba and the Redneck

Bonjour, Gizzard Salad!

The minute I saw it on the menu at Les Vapeurs in Trouville, I knew I was going to order it. I like to try new things when I travel, things I can’t get at home, things that are unique to an area. And on this particular night that thing was candied gizzard salad. After … Continue reading Bonjour, Gizzard Salad!

Hurricane Memories

Brother and I huddled under the heavy, oak table on the old red corduroy chaise lounge cushion. It was a little more than a week before my tenth birthday, and he was only three and a half. We hadn’t been able to bring much, but I had my favorite teddy bear and Brother had his … Continue reading Hurricane Memories

The Commencement Address — or — How Not to End in Bitterness

  This is the season for graduations so I was wondering to myself the other day what I would say if called upon to give a commencement address. Now I'll be honest. I can't remember who spoke when I graduated from the University of Montevallo. Not a clue. Can't remember if it was man, woman, … Continue reading The Commencement Address — or — How Not to End in Bitterness

Debunking Myths about the South (Part 1)

Y’all, it’s time to dispel some myths about the South and Southerners. We’ve all fielded the questions, as dumb as they are, but enough is enough. Every single one of these misconceptions is a real-life example of something I, or someone I know, has encountered when they ventured either north or west. That’s why I’m … Continue reading Debunking Myths about the South (Part 1)

The Coup

In The Bank Robbery, I told y’all how my granny went from the farm to business school and survived an armed bank robbery. If you missed it, go read it now before you go any further. This is the second half of the story. After the robbery, Granny kept right on working at the bank, … Continue reading The Coup