Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

I know this year’s holiday isn’t the one we all wanted or planned for, but it’s the one we have. And that leads me to the next two lessons I’ve learned in 2020.

First, things can’t stay the same forever even as much as we want them to.

Even in “normal” years, sometimes there are family members missing from the table whether they can’t travel or they’re no longer with us. Maybe it’s just too much for Mawmaw to make the dressing this year. Or maybe there’s a new boyfriend at the table or a new baby. If you really think about it, every year is different in some way. 

And second, even though our traditional celebrations are very nontraditional this year, we still have much to be thankful for. 

Personally, I’m thankful that even though this year I won’t be at the same table with anyone but my dear Tragedy*, my family members are all safe and well at their own tables. Many people can’t say that, and my heart goes out to you if that is your experience.

I’m thankful for Facebook Messenger video chat. My parents don’t have internet service where they live (like so many people who live in rural areas), but they do have cell service. Through Facebook, we’ve been able to get together twice a week with them, Brother, and Sonny Boy. And we all got to be together today so my brother who is also a Father could say the blessing over all our different meals. 

I’m thankful for Macy’s who worked hard to come through with the Thanksgiving Day parade this year. It was different, but comforting in it’s sameness. And it featured Dolly Parton and Santa Claus — a double whammy of happiness.

And just as I have been for the last nine years, I am thankful for YOU for reading all my ramblings, for sharing your stories and comments with me, and for all your support and encouragement. 

I hope you have the happiest day you can have, eat too much, and nap too much. I hope you stay safe, stay well, and stay masked. And I hope that next year we’re all thankful to have made it through the year that was 2020 and whatever 2021 brings us.

(This year for #BlogLikeCrazy, I’m talking about 30 lessons I’ve learned in 2020. Read the other entries here).

*”Tragedy” is what I call my sweet husband because of his resting sad face as opposed to my usual silly “Comedy” grin. 

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  1. Hope you and your family have had a very Happy Thanksgiving. As Advent is beginning may your heart be filled with hope.

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