It’s Orange Friday!

Some readers will call this post “shameless self-promotion.” And most other authors are probably thinking that it’s “shameFUL self-promotion” because writers are notoriously shy about championing their own works. Still others might be raising an eyebrow and thinking “for shame for shame to glom onto a shopping trend.”

But here’s the thing, y’all, and it also happens to be the 27th lesson I’ve learned in 2020, if you don’t advocate for yourself, no one else will.

Whether you’re trying to get the best medical care or get a raise at your job or not get overcharged by the electrician who thinks you’re too dumb to know differently or trying to sell a book, you have to look out for your own best interests. 

And it’s hard to do! But if you wait for others to do things for you or just waiting for things to happen, you’ll be waiting until you turn to a pile of disappointed dust and blow away in the wind. Resolve to be your own biggest champion, your own best friend, your fixer, and your own protector. And if you’re selling books, be your biggest promoter, your own ad exec, and your PR specialist.

That’s why I’m declaring today to be ORANGE FRIDAY and asking you to consider buying one (or two or three or ten…) of my books They Call Me Orange Juice for a holiday gift this year. You can get it from Amazon here or you can email me through the Contact page and I’ll send you one. 

And in honor of ORANGE FRIDAY, if you order directly through me, hardbacks are $25/each and paperbacks are $12/each plus $5 shipping and handling. Plus, I’ll inscribe them for you! 

Just PayPal me here! And don’t forget to let me know your shipping address and how you want the books inscribed. Unfortunately, I can’t mail your gifts for you, so please just give me your own address.

I’ll get them to you as fast as I can, but I can’t guarantee delivery by Christmas. I just tried to email Sonny Boy a package through the USPS and got two-day delivery. That was seven days ago, and he still hasn’t received it. But we’ll do the best we can, which is all we can do in 2020. 

So there you have it! Some shameless self-promotion, a little lesson, and a discount. How’s that for an ORANGE FRIDAY deal?

(This year for #BlogLikeCrazy, I’m talking about 30 lessons I’ve learned in 2020. Read the other entries here).

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