Divinity is the Devil

Karo Syrup. Go on. Say it with me. Kaaaaay-rooooow suuuuur-up. Drag it out. It sounds better that way. Why are we talking about Karo Syrup? Because without Karo Syrup we wouldn’t have one of the absolute level best products of the Southern kitchen — Divinity. Sounds like a purely heavenly treat doesn’t it? Don’t be … Continue reading Divinity is the Devil


Picture in your mind a round disc of sugar and butter with pecans in it. Do you call it a PRAH-leen or a PRAY-leen? Only one is right, and it’s time to put the confusion on how to pronounce “praline” to bed. The candy was brought to America, particularly Louisiana, in the 1800s by French … Continue reading Pralines

Oh, fudge!

Granny made fudge every year at Christmas - the real kind from the back of the Hershey's Cocoa box. The kind that requires you intuit such things as when you achieve "soft ball stage." The kind that requires you to beat it by hand with a wooden spoon until it yields in unglossy submission. The … Continue reading Oh, fudge!