Roll Tide! Amen!

There comes a time in every man's life when he is confronted by a crisis of faith. Faced with serious doubt, questions with no conceivable answers, and soul-deep introspection, he (or she) may find this burden too heavy to bear. What to do? What to do? Hopefully you will never be so conflicted, but many … Continue reading Roll Tide! Amen!

Southern Living makes me sad

Because of Southern Living I contemplate the purchase of Christmas topiary. Because of Southern Living I recognize beachy pastels as possible holiday colors. Because of Southern Living I find my self uttering words like "table-scape" and "disco-ball-esque." Because of Southern Living I am sad. This year's Christmas issue, a "special double issue," found its way … Continue reading Southern Living makes me sad

Have you got game?

"Taste this and guess what it is!" Aunt Lois* says to me one Thanksgiving morning while jabbing at me with a carving fork, a piece of grayish meat dangling from the tines. "Go on; taste it!" Now I don't know about you, but I want to be able to readily identify my food. Even at … Continue reading Have you got game?

Baby Jesus would not approve

Something is missing. I've looked for it in my neighborhood, at the mall, on television. Nothing. It was a homely little thing that used to pop in once a year between the end of October and the beginning of December. When it came to visit, it usually brought with it some family — both blood … Continue reading Baby Jesus would not approve

Come play in the deep end

"Do you remember being the only little White girl who would swim in the public pool?" Three times in as many months I have been asked this question by as many hometown African American lady friends. The answer? Honestly? No. "Do you remember teaching the Black kids how to swim?" Sort of. I remember that … Continue reading Come play in the deep end

The Arbor

I have an arbor. I flat love it. Husband hates it - bugs, mess, blah blah blah. I don't care. I have an arbor because Granny had an arbor. I flat loved it. It was covered with muscadine vines growing down to the ground and high up into the trees. I would drag whatever lawn … Continue reading The Arbor

Manure and a Models Coat

This morning I found myself in the backyard clad in my housecoat and sturdy moccasin slippers. This morning, my left elbow resting on my left knee, my right hand searched down through damp monkey grass for the base of an offending weed. This morning I pulled that weed and a handful more and cast them … Continue reading Manure and a Models Coat

Barbeque like a man

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate America's independence from Great Britain. It is time to reflect on our forefathers and their dream of freedom. A time to remember our veterans who fought hard to preserve our way of life. It is also a time to cook meat. To cook it over fire. … Continue reading Barbeque like a man

Beauty for a day

There may come a time when you find yourself winding down a two-lane country road. And along that road you may see a field. And in that field you may see an odd grouping of bright flame-colored flowers. Meet Hemerocallis fulva, otherwise known as the common orange daylily or roadside daylily. This tangerine titan of … Continue reading Beauty for a day