A Tale of Two Gumbos

A gumbo with no roux — that’s crazy talk, right? Who ever heard of such a thing? A gumbo with no roux… I’m pretty set in my ways about a few things, and gumbo is one of them, as I have written before (you can read that post here). But if 2020 has taught us … Continue reading A Tale of Two Gumbos

Sister Audnitha’s Filé Gumbo

(Just a quick note before we get into today’s post: We’ve come to the end of the See Jane Write #bloglikecrazy challenge. Thirty recipes, in thirty days. And I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who followed along throughout this month. This challenge certainly gets my mind working and gets the creative juices … Continue reading Sister Audnitha’s Filé Gumbo

The dead horse of Christmas

Y'all, I told myself I wouldn't do it. I just swore I would not kick the dead horse of Christmas parodies, but I just can't resist it. So here it goes (sing with me now!): On the twelfth day of Christmas the Deep South gave to me... 12 Half-shell oysters 11 Rs a-dropping 10 Quarts … Continue reading The dead horse of Christmas