Not the Smart One

“My child just isn’t very smart!” So lamented an acquaintance of mine over coffee. “I mean, compared to my other children, this one just struggles. The others make straight A's with no effort but everything seems so hard for this one.” I couldn’t help but feel bad for this child because I’m “not smart” either. … Continue reading Not the Smart One

Cussing Cussed Cussedness

Dammit. I’m driving down the road and my precious baby child is in his car seat in the back. He’s 4-ish. Round-faced. Big eyes. A smile that would melt the coldest heart. Sweet and loving. Angelic. And cussing. I say nothing and keep my eyes straight ahead. I don’t flinch. I try hard not to … Continue reading Cussing Cussed Cussedness