Squash Relish — The Pinto Bean’s Spicy Mate

Everyone knows that opposites attract. That's why Squash Relish is the perfect complement to Pinto Beans. Serve it right along side the beans so you can get a little of each on your fork. Let the juices mix with the gravy just a little around the edges. I think about this marriage of flavors like … Continue reading Squash Relish — The Pinto Bean’s Spicy Mate

Pickled Figs

Pickles. Dill. Sweet. Bread and Butter. Refrigerator. Southerners love them all. From the fanciest market to the most humble filling station, you have to try hard not to find some locally-made delicacy. More often than not, the tart treats will be prominently displayed right by the cash register, not merely assigned to a shelf with … Continue reading Pickled Figs