The lies have it

The truth evades some people. No matter how much you want to, you just can’t believe a word that they say. Whether malicious or harmless, a lie is a lie is a lie, so here are a few idioms about liars and lying.

He lies like a rug. A play on words, like a rug covering the floor, this gent covers the truth with flat-out fiction.

She lies like a dog. Another instance of double entendre. Dogs tend to lie around. So do bitches.

Half the truth is a whole lie. If you don’t tell the whole truth, you can mislead someone just as if you lied.

She lied through her teeth. This one describes the unpleasant expression one might think a liar would have as she speaks through clenched teeth.

He’s a bald-faced liar. A brazen liar. Sometimes you might hear this person referred to as a bold-faced liar.

You a lie. You’re definitely not telling the truth, and I know it. More of a colloquialism than an idiom, but something I hear a good bit.

Your nose will grow! An admonition referring to the fictional character Pinocchio, whose nose would get longer and longer for every lie he told.

A little, white lie. A small untruth presumably told to save someone’s feelings.

No lie? A common response to a statement that seems too good to be true.

He’d climb a tree and tell a lie before he’d stand on the ground and tell the truth. This person is an inveterate liar.

And here’s a little proverb to remember the next time you think you might bend the truth: The tongue may tell a lie, but the eyes never do.

And that’s the God’s own truth.

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