I’m a Goal Drifter

I’ve never had many actual, concrete goals. I’m not a goal setter or a “goal digger” as my friend and See Jane Write founder Javacia would say. I’m more of a drifting drifter — whatever happens happens and whatever doesn’t happen doesn’t happen.  Goals were for people who were “driven” and “Type A” and said … Continue reading I’m a Goal Drifter

Make Time for Play Time

It all started with puzzles.  Tragedy* and I were here, locked down, with not much to do. Out came the 500 piecer. We finished it pretty quickly then tackled one with a thousand pieces. Then another. The more puzzles we did, the more fun we had doing them together.  We also got out the playing … Continue reading Make Time for Play Time

The Use of Tools — or — Things I Can Do That Monkey Audrey Can’t

The use of tools is what separates humans from animals.  Well … most animals. Primates, otters, crows, and octopuses have all been known to use rudimentary tools. But human animals have moved beyond using a rock to crack open a shellfish or wiping its rear with a leaf. Well … most humans.  When I think … Continue reading The Use of Tools — or — Things I Can Do That Monkey Audrey Can’t

Living With Tragedy

The tenth lesson I’ve learned in 2020 is that I can live with Tragedy. And by “Tragedy” I mean my beloved husband. That’s what I call him because of his resting sad face as compared to my usual mule-eating-briars Comedy grin. Get it? Comedy and Tragedy. What many of you might not know is that … Continue reading Living With Tragedy

Finding Comfort in “Canned Meats”

I wasn’t home a week during this pandemic before I was eating Vienna sausages out of a can. A few days later, deviled ham on crackers. Chicken spread wasn't too far behind that.  Back in March we just didn’t know what in the cat hair was going to happen! Would we be able to go … Continue reading Finding Comfort in “Canned Meats”

When Social Distancing Ain’t All Bad

Way back in March when the words “social distancing” came into our vocabulary, I became fairly despondent. As an extrovert’s extrovert, I couldn’t really fathom the idea of not being around people. But as much as I love socializing with all sorts of people from all walks of life, over the last few months something has slowly begun to dawn on me.

Make the Most of Your Free Time by Making

Yesterday I went to a painting class. It was an en plein air painting class held at Forstall Art Center in Birmingham and taught by local artist Amy Peterson. En plein air is an artsy way to say “outside,” so it was safe and easy to distance from the other students since Forstall held it … Continue reading Make the Most of Your Free Time by Making

We’re Speaking

This will be the shortest blog post ever in the history of Folkways Nowadays. This year for #BlogLikeCrazy, I’m talking about 30 lessons I’ve learned in 2020. (Read the other entries here). And on this auspicious Saturday in November, after days and days of counting and with Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes going today to Vice … Continue reading We’re Speaking

Lipstick is Life

Lipstick is life.  At least it’s my key to having something resembling a normal life these days.  I’ve always loved lipstick. When I was a small, small child, and we lived with my grandparents, I remember seeing all of Granny’s lipsticks laid out in a row on her small dressing table by the window. They … Continue reading Lipstick is Life

From Writer to Teacher

Would you consider teaching a class? That question was posed to me about a year ago by the nice folks at UAB’s Alys Stephens Center. They have a public arts education center called ArtPlay where they teach all sorts of arts-related classes to children and adults — everything from ballet to improv to photography.  Sure, … Continue reading From Writer to Teacher