Dead as a doornail

“Don't look forward to the day you stop suffering, because when it comes you'll know you're dead.” That quote is from Tennessee Williams, the famous Mississippi-born playwright. How else will you know you’re dead? You’ll hear people using these idioms about you: He was dead as a doornail. Doornails are long enough to connect the … Continue reading Dead as a doornail

The freedom to be happy

Decoration Day. A day originally set aside to remember soldiers lost during the Civil War, adorn their graves with flags and flowers, and honor their service to the cause no matter on which side of the Mason-Dixon line they spilled their blood. Memorial Day. The same day as Decoration Day. The unofficial official beginning of … Continue reading The freedom to be happy

Talking to the dead

I recently found myself alone in a car traveling a bleak and rainy back road with the ashes of a man whom I have never met. Alone for two hours. "What did you do?" said my friend, as I relayed to her my somewhat odd circumstance. "I talked to him," I answered, honestly. I mean, … Continue reading Talking to the dead