The summer, recapped.

I’ve been as busy as a one-armed paper hanger with hives this summer! It all started in May when I attended the Book Expo in New York where my new book They Call Me Orange Juice was on display. (Read what I learned from that experience here.) Sonny went with me, and we got to … Continue reading The summer, recapped.

Don’t leave me, Joe!

"Don't leave me, Joe!" These are the words that John Brooks Rowell spoke to his brother, my great-great-grandfather Andrew Joseph Rowell, as he drew his last breath on the Civil War battlefield at Resaca, Ga. At least that's how Granny told the story, and that's how I imagined it. One last plea. A promise to … Continue reading Don’t leave me, Joe!

The freedom to be happy

Decoration Day. A day originally set aside to remember soldiers lost during the Civil War, adorn their graves with flags and flowers, and honor their service to the cause no matter on which side of the Mason-Dixon line they spilled their blood. Memorial Day. The same day as Decoration Day. The unofficial official beginning of … Continue reading The freedom to be happy