Trying to turn mutton into lamb

Today’s idiom involves etiquette which, in the south, is gospel. Our commandments not only include the big ten, but a litany of others ranging from using the right fork to sending thank you notes. There are certain things you do … and certain things you just don’t do. Ever. No matter if the rule of … Continue reading Trying to turn mutton into lamb

Walking the social tightrope

I remember Granny Mac coming home from Eastern Star and saying, "I saw that Minne Lee, and she didn't say hello, kiss my foot, 'ner nuthin'!" Snubbed she was, snubbed! The social protocol had not been followed. She had not been acknowledged. It was easy then to identify when one had been given the brush-off. … Continue reading Walking the social tightrope

Steam Table Etiquette

One of the most miraculous inventions ever is the steam table. For those of you not familiar with this giant of gastronomical gadgets, let me explain. The steam table is a long, stainless steel contraption filled with hot water to keep bins of food warm, palatable, and at the ready for the hungry throngs who … Continue reading Steam Table Etiquette