Ada’s Rice Dressing

In the mid 1890s, my great grandfather, Andrew Joseph Rowell, Jr., was a young man in need of gainful employ. He had heard that there were jobs at a logging camp in Chicora, Miss., which was not too far away. Joby, as he was known to his family, traveled up there to sign on and … Continue reading Ada’s Rice Dressing

Damn the Torpedos — Fort Morgan Ahead

"Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" That's usually what I'm thinking by the time I get everything packed and point the car south to one of my favorited destinations on the Alabama coast -- Fort Morgan. A beach community just west of Gulf Shores on Mobile Point, Fort Morgan is a little slower paced, more … Continue reading Damn the Torpedos — Fort Morgan Ahead

The clock is ticking

My biological clock is ticking. Ticking like a time bomb. No, not that biological clock. I've had my baby and as absolutely wonderful in every way as he is, one is plenty, thank you very much. I'm talking about a powerful hankering that comes over me about this time every year - about the time … Continue reading The clock is ticking

Make all the difference

Husband and I have made it our mission to avoid the interstate at all cost. Despite feeling like you are being shot out of a dangerous, crowded canon for hours on end, you can't even see anything outside the window except for a green blur with the occasional neon blip. However, just on the other … Continue reading Make all the difference