Bonjour, Gizzard Salad!

The minute I saw it on the menu at Les Vapeurs in Trouville, I knew I was going to order it. I like to try new things when I travel, things I can’t get at home, things that are unique to an area. And on this particular night that thing was candied gizzard salad. After … Continue reading Bonjour, Gizzard Salad!

The Poke Salat Festival

I have been to the Poke Salat Festival. Seriously. Tragedy (that's what I call my husband because of his resting sad face compared to my perpetual mule-eating-briars Comedy grin) and I drove for more than an hour from Birmingham to Arab, Ala., just to go to the Poke Salat Festival. How could we not? Now … Continue reading The Poke Salat Festival

The Ground Rules

Tomorrow in Atlanta the New England Patriots will be playing the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl. That means a whole lot of folks from the not-South are descending on the South even as we speak. Now while I would posit that the love of football unites us all, there are certainly some things … Continue reading The Ground Rules

Turmeric ain’t vanilla and other thoughts on Brooklyn

I have been to Brooklyn. I got to travel up there for some training with my day job. Now I’ve been to New York many times, and I love every little bite of the Big Apple I get, but I’d never had the opportunity to venture across the bridge into Brooklyn. On this trip, though, … Continue reading Turmeric ain’t vanilla and other thoughts on Brooklyn

Slightly! Lightly!

I’m troubled, y’all, troubled. It all started toward the end of September when I went to visit Sonny Boy in Chicago. I was flying Southwest, which I love, and I had scored “A” group status for boarding. I got on the plane and chose a window seat in the same row as a quiet-looking white-haired … Continue reading Slightly! Lightly!

The summer, recapped.

I’ve been as busy as a one-armed paper hanger with hives this summer! It all started in May when I attended the Book Expo in New York where my new book They Call Me Orange Juice was on display. (Read what I learned from that experience here.) Sonny went with me, and we got to … Continue reading The summer, recapped.

The Great Shark Tooth Hunt

“Hidden treasures — the best place to find shark teeth!” “Look for shark teeth!” “A great place to find shark teeth!” These are all things you will read when researching a trip to Amelia Island, a barrier island on Florida’s Atlantic coast that's spitting distance from Georgia. So when Husband and I went on vacation … Continue reading The Great Shark Tooth Hunt

Country Come to Town

By the time y’all read this, your girl here will be well on her way to New York City. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I travel outside of the South, I feel like I have to be a positive example of the South and Southerners. That means no flip … Continue reading Country Come to Town