Hurricane Memories

Brother and I huddled under the heavy, oak table on the old red corduroy chaise lounge cushion. It was a little more than a week before my tenth birthday, and he was only three and a half. We hadn’t been able to bring much, but I had my favorite teddy bear and Brother had his … Continue reading Hurricane Memories

Am I in Hell or is it just summertime?

It's not the heat it’s the damned humidity! You hear that plenty down here in the South. And it’s true! Our close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means that the air is pretty well waterlogged with tropical moisture. And while this muggy climate is great for your skin, it’s bad for your health. You … Continue reading Am I in Hell or is it just summertime?

As cold as floogie

It is as cold as floogie. At least that's how Mama describes the weather we've had this winter — as cold as floogie. She's used this description for as long as I can remember, although the word "floogie" doesn't seem to have any real meaning. It's sort of onomatopoetic in a way. "Ooooo it's so … Continue reading As cold as floogie