The land of 2 seasons

(As I have mentioned before, I belong to a blogging group called See Jane Write. Each November SJW founder Javacia Harris Bowser challenges all the members to publish a new blog post each day of the month — to #bloglikecrazy. This year I’m giving it a go although I’ve missed a few days so far. Life happens. Anyway, since this is a Southern Culture blog, each day will focus on one thing unique to our region. Here’s the next one!)

In the South there are 2 seasons — summer and football.IMG_4018

Tuesday it was in the 70s, and we were chilly in the air conditioning. Today the temperature will struggle to get out of the 30s, and we are wondering how long it will last before summer comes again. Even though you’d never know what time of year it is by looking at the thermometer, at least according to the calendar you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s football season.

Every year I long for Fall. Or what I think Fall should be. I imagine at least a month of temperate days with sunny highs in the mid-60’s and breezy nights, just cool enough for a sweater and some cute boots, maybe a festive scarf. I think Fall in Birmingham was last Wednesday. Maybe. Fall happened so fast I might have missed it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love our warm climate. When other people are wondering if their Halloween festivities will be snowed out, my biggest worry is whether Sonny will be too hot in his costume. Will the chocolate melt if I leave it in the car? Will I have to turn on the AC so we can build a fire and roast marshmallows?

The leaves did change, giving us a visual sense of Fall. Glorious colors wowed us for a few weeks, but the temperatures just refused to cooperate. Now it’s gone from hot and muggy to cold and windy and the leaves, having given up, are throwing themselves to the ground confused and nearly dead.

Our climate is perfect if you like to attend high school and college football games. We have lovely tailgating weather that lasts for the first several months of football season. Now that it’s turned cold, though, we can stash the coolers and grills and hole up in our homes to watch the football on television, warmed by chili, Rotel dip, and hot toddies.

As the bowl games approach, we know that the cold is probably here to stay…at least for a few more months, or days, or until Tuesday. One thing is certain, though, before you know it, the long summer will be here and once again. And we’ll be counting down the days until Fall — or football — once again.

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