Debunking Myths about the South (Part 2)

The other day, I started debunking popular myths about the South — fallacies that my Southern friends and I are constantly asked to corroborate. If you missed the first part, you can read it here. This is the second installment. Now let's go forth and speak a little truth! Myth: All southern accents are created … Continue reading Debunking Myths about the South (Part 2)

How to Eat Crow

Crow is a tough bird. Crow can sometimes be hard to swallow and it can certainly be embarrassing to eat crow, but there are times when crow is all there is to eat. You just have to make the best of it. Choke it down. And if there’s one dish that Southerners eat a whole … Continue reading How to Eat Crow

Open up a can of whoop-ass

It’s Iron Bowl Saturday. For those of you who have been living under a rock (or in the great, frozen north) and don’t know what that means, the Iron Bowl is the die-hard football rivalry game between the University of Alabama and Auburn University, and it will be played today. Since 1893, once a year … Continue reading Open up a can of whoop-ass

We just stepped on their face with a hobnailed boot!

If football is the religion of the South, then it’s only natural that we get a few proverbs from its playbook. Since it’s Saturday, here are some football terms that have entered our everyday lingo. Let’s go to church. Back up and punt. When the offensive team has failed to make a first down and … Continue reading We just stepped on their face with a hobnailed boot!

Saturday Down South

Sometimes you find yourself in a moment that seems cinematic, as if you've been somehow dropped into a movie. But you're not the ingenue. You're the observant extra on the bus stop bench. The one around whom all the activity swirls while you suck on a Big Gulp and try not to stand out. You … Continue reading Saturday Down South

The land of 2 seasons

(As I have mentioned before, I belong to a blogging group called See Jane Write. Each November SJW founder Javacia Harris Bowser challenges all the members to publish a new blog post each day of the month — to #bloglikecrazy. This year I'm giving it a go although I've missed a few days so far. … Continue reading The land of 2 seasons

Super Bowl Snacks Inspired by Halftime Shows

Ten years have come and gone since Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show. Chances are you don’t remember who won that game. I don’t even remember who played in that game. But I’ll bet you a nickel you remember that jaw-dropping moment, which proves what I’ve suspected all along … Continue reading Super Bowl Snacks Inspired by Halftime Shows

True confessions

I have a confession to make. A confession that, when I speak the horrible words, may shock you to the very core. A confession that should probably never pass the lips of any self-respecting Southern gal. Here it goes. On the eve of college football season, I say these words: I don't care who wins. … Continue reading True confessions

Roll Tide! Amen!

There comes a time in every man's life when he is confronted by a crisis of faith. Faced with serious doubt, questions with no conceivable answers, and soul-deep introspection, he (or she) may find this burden too heavy to bear. What to do? What to do? Hopefully you will never be so conflicted, but many … Continue reading Roll Tide! Amen!