Vino de Amor

A friend of mine paid me a nice compliment yesterday. She said I looked very “fresh.” Was my hair different? Had I lost weight? What was it? she asked.

To tell you the truth, I had barely put any makeup on at all. I’ve still been feeling rundown from the not-flu flu that I recently had, so it’s been about all I could do to work up enough gumption to put my face on in the morning. If you know me at all though, you know I have to be nearly dead to leave the house with no makeup, so that morning I’d slung on a little blush, some powder, and some mascara. I finished off with a brand new lipstick. Vino de Amor it’s called. It’s red.

Few things are as exciting or as satisfying to me as a brand new lipstick, especially a red one. There’s nothing like that first time you give a little twist and it peeks out from it’s shiny tube, unblemished, it’s perfect point ready to trace the outline of your mouth into a flawless pout. The rich color glides on and transforms your pale and sallow face into a bright and healthy visage. With a quick blot on a tissue, your color is set for the day, just like you are.

Red lipstick can flat cure what ails you.

I had a roommate in college who would make up her entire face and never put on any lipstick. That’s like fixing a decadent ice cream sundae and not putting a cherry on the top. What’s the point?

And while a new lipstick can be as exciting as a first date, your old stand-by, tried-and-true lipsticks are worth their weight in gold-colored wax. You know the one. That color you’ve had since high school that still looks good on you (I have two — Loreal’s Mauved and Clinique’s Raspberry Glacé). The one that’s worn down almost to the bottom but you can still get some good out of it.

Speaking of wearing down a lipstick, I’ve always been fascinated by how different women wear down a lipstick in different ways. I tend to wear mine down to where it’s lower in the center and higher on two sides. I’ve seen some women whose lipsticks are either at a sharp angle or who wear it to almost a point in the middle. Have you ever noticed this phenomena or is it just me? How does your lipstick wind up? I really want to know.

Fresh. That’s what my friend called me. Fresh. I thought that was a purely lovely thing to say. Maybe I’ll stick with my post-sickness make-up routine for a while. Maybe I’ll wear red lipstick more often.

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  1. Janice says:

    Favorite for many years Raspberry Glace
    Always end with a sharp point end

    1. It’s a good one!

  2. Beth says:

    Sharp pointed end and Clinique’s “A Different Grape”

    1. That’s a great color! A little too purple for me, but Mama used to wear it all the time.

  3. This post is making me want to go buy more lipstick right away!

    1. You should! What would you get?

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