My Daily Face Painting Ritual

(To my male readers, this one’s about makeup. It’s a girl talk day. You’re welcome to read along or stay tuned for my next post which I hope will be more gender nonspecific. At any rate, I appreciate y’all too!) One of my earliest memories is lying on Granny’s bed watching her standing in front … Continue reading My Daily Face Painting Ritual

Vino de Amor

A friend of mine paid me a nice compliment yesterday. She said I looked very “fresh.” Was my hair different? Had I lost weight? What was it? she asked. To tell you the truth, I had barely put any makeup on at all. I’ve still been feeling rundown from the not-flu flu that I recently … Continue reading Vino de Amor

From gravy to grace

In honor of Mother's Day, I present you with THINGS I HAVE LEARNED FROM MY MAMA If you can make a white sauce (bechamel  to the hoity toity), you can make anything. Cheese sauce, gravy, cream soups - all variations on the lowly white sauce. Master the basics, and you'll look like a gourmet. Use … Continue reading From gravy to grace