50 Years, 50 lessons

Today is the big day — my 50th birthday! I was born on September 21, 1969. I am the same age as Sesame Street, the moon landing, and Woodstock. It was the summer of the Stonewall riots, the Manson murders, and Hurricane Camille.  Sugar, Sugar by The Archies was the No. 1 pop song, and … Continue reading 50 Years, 50 lessons

My Midlife “Crisis”

“It’s like that time when men usually buy fast cars — a midlife crisis!” That’s how Mama recently described my decision to dye my hair blue. Not all of it. Just the ends. And from blue, my hair went to a sort of mermaid aqua after I tried to strip the blue out to go … Continue reading My Midlife “Crisis”

Turmeric ain’t vanilla and other thoughts on Brooklyn

I have been to Brooklyn. I got to travel up there for some training with my day job. Now I’ve been to New York many times, and I love every little bite of the Big Apple I get, but I’d never had the opportunity to venture across the bridge into Brooklyn. On this trip, though, … Continue reading Turmeric ain’t vanilla and other thoughts on Brooklyn