Defiantly straight

16 hours. That's how long I was in my mother's home for a Thanksgiving visit before I found myself with not one but two different kinds of product in my hair. My limp, straight, ornery hair has been a source of consternation to my mother my whole life, and one day, by God, she will … Continue reading Defiantly straight

The day I realized I was crazy -OR- Dammit, my hair is uneven

Apparently I'm crazy. Or at least I think I am. It all started with a haircut. You see, I got a perfectly wonderful new 'do from my hairdresser, whom I just love to pieces. (Chase Abston-McGriff at C'est Bon in Crestline, in case you are wondering.) It was a very chic bob with a point … Continue reading The day I realized I was crazy -OR- Dammit, my hair is uneven

The power of precipitation

She was almost 99 when she died. Almost. She attributed her longevity to rain. Not watching it. Getting wet in it. As May approaches, I always start thinking of Granny. Her birthday is May 5. She would have been 109 this year. I thought she would live forever. I think she did too, asking me … Continue reading The power of precipitation