50 Pieces of Advice from Dear Old Daddy

My daddy has given me lots of good advice over the years. So I got to wondering what other daddies told their children — what was the one piece of advice that stood out in their memories? Well, y’all, our daddies are some smart, smart fellas. In the hundreds of responses I got, I noticed … Continue reading 50 Pieces of Advice from Dear Old Daddy

The Golden Anniversary!

On this very day 50 years ago, my parents got married. The ceremony was performed in my grandparent’s living room and attended by close family and a few friends. After cake and punch, the newlyweds left to honeymoon in New Orleans. It was a small and happy wedding and the perfect start to their lives … Continue reading The Golden Anniversary!

I love to tell the story

Storytelling runs in my family. We sit around and tell the same tales over and over and over. Somehow they never get old. Extra emphasis, a rolled eye, a dramatic pause entertains. A little extra detail here and there educates. In the retelling, heritage and history are passed down. My grandfather, "Baw," and his brothers … Continue reading I love to tell the story

Daddy’s Little Girl

I am Daddy's little girl. The first-born. The only daughter. While everyone says I look like Mama, I am infinitely more like Daddy in temperament and personality. Daddy and I are people people. We like to talk to strangers. We like to joke. We have both been known to dance spontaneously if the right song … Continue reading Daddy’s Little Girl