You’ve got to dance with who brung you

Southerners love to cut a rug — that means to “dance” so much you wear holes in the rug. From buck dancing to the Virginia reel, square dancing to waltzing, if there’s music playing, toes will be tapping. So let’s take a look at idioms inspired by dance. He who pays the piper calls the … Continue reading You’ve got to dance with who brung you

Daddy’s Little Girl

I am Daddy's little girl. The first-born. The only daughter. While everyone says I look like Mama, I am infinitely more like Daddy in temperament and personality. Daddy and I are people people. We like to talk to strangers. We like to joke. We have both been known to dance spontaneously if the right song … Continue reading Daddy’s Little Girl

Leap of faith

The world was just waiting for me. My razor-sharp wit. My moonlight and magnolias charm. My blonde ebullience. Was there life before me? Hardly. Or so I'd like to think. But the truth is a harsh mistress. You see, but for a whim and a dance, little Audrey would not be. Not just any whim, … Continue reading Leap of faith