Have you got game?

"Taste this and guess what it is!" Aunt Lois* says to me one Thanksgiving morning while jabbing at me with a carving fork, a piece of grayish meat dangling from the tines. "Go on; taste it!" Now I don't know about you, but I want to be able to readily identify my food. Even at … Continue reading Have you got game?

The last supper – or at least mine

There seems to be a phenomenon afoot wherein a goodly portion of the general public feels compelled to share a photo of every plate of food they eat or fancy cocktail they imbibe. Extravagant dinner fare precariously stacked on teenincey plates, frosty glasses rimmed in colored sugar with fruit and umbrellas spilling forth, cupcake towers … Continue reading The last supper – or at least mine

Guilty pleasures

Last Friday night, Husband and I had the good fortune to eat dinner at Satterfield's in Cahaba Heights. From the cheese plate to dessert, I have to say that every little mouthful was just divine, but I most especially enjoyed one of my guiltiest pleasures - rabbit. Now Husband doesn't eat anything that once had … Continue reading Guilty pleasures