Walking the social tightrope

I remember Granny Mac coming home from Eastern Star and saying, "I saw that Minne Lee, and she didn't say hello, kiss my foot, 'ner nuthin'!" Snubbed she was, snubbed! The social protocol had not been followed. She had not been acknowledged. It was easy then to identify when one had been given the brush-off. … Continue reading Walking the social tightrope

Standing on the promises

Nowadays, when the work day nears an end and there's not enough time left to start another project but too much time to call it church and head to the house, we automatically turn to the computer to fill that void. We stare until our eyes burn at the glare of news, friend updates, celebrity … Continue reading Standing on the promises

Steam Table Etiquette

One of the most miraculous inventions ever is the steam table. For those of you not familiar with this giant of gastronomical gadgets, let me explain. The steam table is a long, stainless steel contraption filled with hot water to keep bins of food warm, palatable, and at the ready for the hungry throngs who … Continue reading Steam Table Etiquette

What evah will ah do? Where evah shall ah go?

Tropical Storm Lee blew through yesterday taking with it our power and all of our concomitant conveniences - lights, television, and coffee pot on the most base level; laptops, cell phones, and Angry Birds on a frivolous level. I have found that I can live without all of these things, and that sometimes I actually … Continue reading What evah will ah do? Where evah shall ah go?

When locusts are a good thing

"...when morning came, the east wind had brought the locusts." Exodus 10:13 There I was this morning, in my gown, trying to sneak out into the yard and retrieve today's paper from the foot of the pine tree without attracting the attention of the neighbors. As I bent over, my head close to the tree, … Continue reading When locusts are a good thing

Make all the difference

Husband and I have made it our mission to avoid the interstate at all cost. Despite feeling like you are being shot out of a dangerous, crowded canon for hours on end, you can't even see anything outside the window except for a green blur with the occasional neon blip. However, just on the other … Continue reading Make all the difference