Alabama, Alabama, We will aye be true to thee …

Alabama is hard, y’all. It just is. It’s hard to be from here. It can be hard to live here. And sometimes — ok, a lot of the time — it’s hard to defend her. These last few weeks have been especially trying for those of us who were born and bred here, who love … Continue reading Alabama, Alabama, We will aye be true to thee …

A Southern Spring Sonnet

To continue the theme of poetry month that I started on Tuesday with a series of limericks (if you missed them, you can catch up here), I thought that I'd attempt a Shakespearean sonnet. It was a little more challenging with it's iambic pentameter, which I'm quite sure I didn't always hit the mark on … Continue reading A Southern Spring Sonnet

Saturday Down South

Sometimes you find yourself in a moment that seems cinematic, as if you've been somehow dropped into a movie. But you're not the ingenue. You're the observant extra on the bus stop bench. The one around whom all the activity swirls while you suck on a Big Gulp and try not to stand out. You … Continue reading Saturday Down South

Money. Politics. Religion.

Money. Politics. Religion. Granny said one should never discuss these three topics in polite company. The key word here? "Polite." That's why even though I am a writer, a blogger, I try to avoid these topics. Manners, y'all. Manners. But sometimes you have to wade into the muck. Sometimes you have to speak your piece. … Continue reading Money. Politics. Religion.