I don’t give a tinker’s damn

Think with me back to third grade. I’m sitting in the fourth desk in the first row by the blackboard in Mrs. Hurst’s class at Rosa A. Lott Elementary. That’s the year we started learning grammar. Mrs. Hurst taught us about synonyms and antonyms, metaphor and simile, and my favorite, the homonym. As we all … Continue reading I don’t give a tinker’s damn

All y’all should read this!

The most notable characteristic of the Southerner can be narrowed down to the use of one little word — y'all, the second person plural form of you. It's you and all run together. This sleight of tongue makes a little word that defines an entire culture because no matter where in the world you go, … Continue reading All y’all should read this!

From gravy to grace

In honor of Mother's Day, I present you with THINGS I HAVE LEARNED FROM MY MAMA If you can make a white sauce (bechamel  to the hoity toity), you can make anything. Cheese sauce, gravy, cream soups - all variations on the lowly white sauce. Master the basics, and you'll look like a gourmet. Use … Continue reading From gravy to grace