Beauty for a day

There may come a time when you find yourself winding down a two-lane country road. And along that road you may see a field. And in that field you may see an odd grouping of bright flame-colored flowers. Meet Hemerocallis fulva, otherwise known as the common orange daylily or roadside daylily. This tangerine titan of … Continue reading Beauty for a day

Daddy’s Little Girl

I am Daddy's little girl. The first-born. The only daughter. While everyone says I look like Mama, I am infinitely more like Daddy in temperament and personality. Daddy and I are people people. We like to talk to strangers. We like to joke. We have both been known to dance spontaneously if the right song … Continue reading Daddy’s Little Girl

The last supper – or at least mine

There seems to be a phenomenon afoot wherein a goodly portion of the general public feels compelled to share a photo of every plate of food they eat or fancy cocktail they imbibe. Extravagant dinner fare precariously stacked on teenincey plates, frosty glasses rimmed in colored sugar with fruit and umbrellas spilling forth, cupcake towers … Continue reading The last supper – or at least mine

True content engagement

Remember the old joke "What's black and white and read all over?" Well, starting this Fall I reckon the answer will be "The newspaper - but only if it's Wednesday, Friday or Sunday." Sort of falls flat, doesn't it? In more ways than one. Last week, the New Orleans Times-Picayune, followed closely by The Huntsville … Continue reading True content engagement

The freedom to be happy

Decoration Day. A day originally set aside to remember soldiers lost during the Civil War, adorn their graves with flags and flowers, and honor their service to the cause no matter on which side of the Mason-Dixon line they spilled their blood. Memorial Day. The same day as Decoration Day. The unofficial official beginning of … Continue reading The freedom to be happy

Content in the now

While graduation does signify a certain ending, more than that it is, at the risk of sounding cliche', the grand beginning of a new chapter in one's life. Or at least it's supposed to be. I remember filling out my application for the University of Montevallo when I was a senior in high school. Last … Continue reading Content in the now

From gravy to grace

In honor of Mother's Day, I present you with THINGS I HAVE LEARNED FROM MY MAMA If you can make a white sauce (bechamel  to the hoity toity), you can make anything. Cheese sauce, gravy, cream soups - all variations on the lowly white sauce. Master the basics, and you'll look like a gourmet. Use … Continue reading From gravy to grace

Subtle as an axe to the throat

I am a dreamer. I am prone to drifting off into my own little world of ruminations, ideas, and plans. It seems to hit me all of a sudden like, and the world around me melts away into the roaring sound of my little wheels turning over thought after thought after thought.  It is not … Continue reading Subtle as an axe to the throat

The power of precipitation

She was almost 99 when she died. Almost. She attributed her longevity to rain. Not watching it. Getting wet in it. As May approaches, I always start thinking of Granny. Her birthday is May 5. She would have been 109 this year. I thought she would live forever. I think she did too, asking me … Continue reading The power of precipitation